Healing Meditation Circle

Many of you are aslotus-copy shocked and horrified as I am, that a candidate who ran on a platform of hatred, racism, xenophobia, and misogyny was just elected president of the United States. I know that many of you are depressed and fearful of the future. Turning to the comfort of your family, loved ones, and spiritual community can bring healing, strength, and empowerment to get you through these turbulent times.

I will be offering a monthly Healing Meditation Circle so you can recharge your spirit and find peace.

Sunday November 27th

3 – 4:15 PM

We will join together to create a healing space for our country and planet. During a meditation we will receive a Spiritual Healing and send light and love to those friends and family in need of healing.

Where: Djunaverse Center for Healing Arts, 511 Fairmount Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19123. Bottom Bell

 Cost: $10.

Please RSVP djuna@djunaverse.com or 215-627-6710.

I am also available to do private sessions. Please let me know how else I can serve you.




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