Star Sirius- The Mysterious Crystal Skull

Star Sirius, one of the 13 rare crystal skulls held in a private collection, openly sat on a table in Rosley’s Crystal booth in the convention hall. Larger than life-size, and weighing over 60 pounds, Star Sirius had a commanding presence on its altar, as tiny skulls carved from semi-precious stones surrounded it.

            “Want to have an experience?” Steven, the proprietor of the booth asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Having bought many healing stones from Steven over the years, I trusted I was in for a delightful surprise.

            “Sure,” I couldn’t I resist the invitation.

            “Sit across from the skull and place your hands on top of the cranium.” He said before walking away to tend to another customer.

A few seconds after I made physical contact with the skull, I closed my eyes. I was flooded with heat that poured down from my head into my heart. Tears trickled down my cheeks, as I felt enveloped in love. My whole body responded by taking a deep breath. When I exhaled, I let go of the tension I accumulated a half hour earlier driving through a rainstorm.  And now, amidst the thousands attending the Mind-Body-Spirit Expo, I was having a private healing session with a crystal skull.

I felt a strong vibration. I opened my eyes to make sure we weren’t having an earthquake. My quick glance assured me that everything in the room looked completely normal. But when I closed my eyes again the sensation I felt was similar to driving 80 miles an hour in a small compact car on the highway.


A warm rush of healing energy flowed up and down my spine. I felt energized, as if I just drank a venti café latte.

            “Ready for level two?” Steven asked with grin.

            “Yes,” why stop now I thought to myself.

            “Place your forehead against the skull’s third eye, and wrap your arms around it, as if you were giving it a hug.”

The instant my head touched the skull, the vibrating feeling returned. It reminded me of sitting in a train in an amusement park, jerking over each rung of a roller coaster track. In the next moment, I was enveloped in a white light. I felt I was in the presence of a Master Teacher. Although no words or thoughts were exchanged, I felt awestruck. It was rapturous, so that I cried. I felt privileged to be with a being that exuded so much love and light.            

And a few moments later, the connection to this force of energy faded away. I was left drying my eyes and blowing my nose. Physically, I felt the benefits of having a massage, or an acupuncture treatment, but I had merely sat with the skull for a few minutes. I felt a deep-sense of well-being.

Many theories about the origins of crystal skulls abound. Some believe these skulls were carved thousands of years ago by Mayans or Aztecs, while others insist that they originated in Atlantis. Some skulls are human size and of very fine detail, while others are smaller and less refined.           

Claims of the healing powers of crystal skulls have no support in the scientific community, but I was very happy to be part of Steven Rosley’s research. It was a profound experience



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