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You Can Make a Difference

Monday, December 21st, 2009

The Welcome Center at 2111 Sansom Street provides a safe, welcoming, supportive, environment for people experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia.  This is a day program, which offers counseling towards housing. It also provides lunch, movies, games, reading materials, and an “art corner”, two afternoons a week.

You can make a difference in many ways. Volunteers are needed and monetary donations are accepted.  Volunteers do such jobs as monitoring spaces, assisting in the art corner, or preparing and serving lunch and cleaning up. There are other opportunities to be involved, such as being a guest artist or musician. 

Along with needing a constant stream of things like warm socks, toiletries, hats and gloves, reading materials and art supplies are accepted.  If you would like to give volunteering a try or make a donation, please contact Tamara at or call Ron at 215-567-3668.

Living in the elements, often staying awake all night protecting possessions, is exhausting and stressful. The Welcome Center offers a few hours to relax in a safe space. Please consider being a part of The Welcome Center’s efforts.

The Forgiveness Solution

Monday, December 14th, 2009

The Forgiveness Solution is a very powerful book that offers practical tools to create well-being.


This book shows you how to transform the daily stress and aggravation from encountering rudeness, broken agreements, or from unfulfilled expectations, into peace and love. Or on a deeper level, it can help you forgive those who have deeply hurt, abused, or betrayed you, so that you can heal. You’ll also pinpoint areas where you need to forgive yourself for past mistakes.


You’ll discover how you really are about letting go of past hurts, and uncover areas where you’re incomplete. Dr Friedman then provides visualizations, journal exercises, affirmations and positive pressure point techniques to help you resolve past issues so that you can feel peaceful and experience more love. You can use these tools on a daily basis to shift automatic negative reactions into positive ones. They will help you return back to your core Self.


Sometimes the most difficult relationships offer the greatest healing opportunities. The stories illustrate how past challenges have made you stronger, wiser, and a better person, so that you can shift your perspective. You can release feeling victimized and feel empowered.


The writing is clear, concise and easy to read and each chapter builds upon the next. Although it is very spiritual, it is not religious or dogmatic.

What I enjoyed most was the general tone of the book. It is so filled with compassionate wisdom and advice that just by reading it I was able to feel the Divine Order in my life. The Forgiveness Solution rates five stars. Whether you need to learn how to forgive a reckless driver for cutting you off on the highway or your mate for cheating on you, this book will help you feel happier and fulfilled. It will also help you shift to a higher level of awareness.  I highly recommend that everyone should read it.

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Dr Phil Friedman

Discoveries in Motion

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

I’d spent six hours on an airplane and my body felt stiff. Worrying about my husband’s health had me being a nervous wreck. And I was anxiously waiting to hear news from publishers who were reviewing my book. No wonder I felt out of sorts.

Luckily, Joe Ankenbrand, Feldenkrais practitioner, could give me a healing session. “Your upper back is frozen.” Joe said while touching my back. Within minutes after feeling Joe’s gentle skillful touch, I could breathe easier.

Feldenkris is a gentle hands-on, clothes-on treatment intended for those who wish to reduce pain or limitations in movement, or for those wanting to improve well-being. As a dancer, I’ve used the process to expand my range in movement over the years.

During my most recent session, I saw the impact my anxieties had upon my body. Fearing the future, I was holding tension in my upper back and shoulders. I was unaware that I was holding my breath. By the end of the session, I felt returned to my center, grounded, and peaceful.

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Or call Joe at 856-869-9215 for information on classes or private sessions