Discoveries in Motion

I’d spent six hours on an airplane and my body felt stiff. Worrying about my husband’s health had me being a nervous wreck. And I was anxiously waiting to hear news from publishers who were reviewing my book. No wonder I felt out of sorts.

Luckily, Joe Ankenbrand, Feldenkrais practitioner, could give me a healing session. “Your upper back is frozen.” Joe said while touching my back. Within minutes after feeling Joe’s gentle skillful touch, I could breathe easier.

Feldenkris is a gentle hands-on, clothes-on treatment intended for those who wish to reduce pain or limitations in movement, or for those wanting to improve well-being. As a dancer, I’ve used the process to expand my range in movement over the years.

During my most recent session, I saw the impact my anxieties had upon my body. Fearing the future, I was holding tension in my upper back and shoulders. I was unaware that I was holding my breath. By the end of the session, I felt returned to my center, grounded, and peaceful.

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