You Can Make a Difference

The Welcome Center at 2111 Sansom Street provides a safe, welcoming, supportive, environment for people experiencing homelessness in Philadelphia.  This is a day program, which offers counseling towards housing. It also provides lunch, movies, games, reading materials, and an “art corner”, two afternoons a week.

You can make a difference in many ways. Volunteers are needed and monetary donations are accepted.  Volunteers do such jobs as monitoring spaces, assisting in the art corner, or preparing and serving lunch and cleaning up. There are other opportunities to be involved, such as being a guest artist or musician. 

Along with needing a constant stream of things like warm socks, toiletries, hats and gloves, reading materials and art supplies are accepted.  If you would like to give volunteering a try or make a donation, please contact Tamara at or call Ron at 215-567-3668.

Living in the elements, often staying awake all night protecting possessions, is exhausting and stressful. The Welcome Center offers a few hours to relax in a safe space. Please consider being a part of The Welcome Center’s efforts.

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