First Class Seamstress

I have two examples of how Rita Schaer’s talent transformed my life. A client spilled coffee on the backside of a pillow that was needle pointed by my deceased mother-in-law. I felt sad throwing it away, but didn’t see any options. The pillow was ruined. I cannot sew.

However, when I told my sentimental husband I was going to trash the pillow, his reaction propelled me to research alternatives.

I met Rita, owner of Maridadi services, in a communication course. When I learned she was a seamstress, I asked her for help with my pillow. Rita did an excellent job of superb workmanship. She was fast and efficient with an excellent eye for detail. My pillow looked like new.

The second time Rita came to the rescue was with my winter vintage coat. The sleeves were too long so it felt uncomfortable to wear, so it wound up hanging in my closet instead of keeping me warm.

Within a week or so Rita transformed my clunky coat into a high-fashioned jacket that feels good to wear. Her craftsmanship is impeccable.

Maridadi is Swahili for anything beautiful, tasteful, or pleasing to the eye. That is the kind of design and workmanship that you can expect from Swiss-trained Seamstress and Designer Rita L. Schaer. Rita studied Haute Couture in Switzerland, where they put emphasis on professional quality. She has 26 years experience and has been in business in the USA since 1988.

From simple alterations to full-blown original fashion creations, Rita Schaer has the talent and experience to help you get what you are looking for, or even go beyond your expectations.


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