Talking to Plants

Our reiki group went on a “weed walk” last Sunday to discover some medicinal plants growing right in the city. If you ask a shaman or traditional herbal healer how she/he knows about the medicinal properties of an herb, the response usually is, “I’ve learned everything from the plant.”


While this may sound strange, many traditional American herbalists teach “Talking to Plants.” I experienced this technique while studying with Susun Weed, author of Healing Wise, taking workshops at the Green Nations Gathering, and while apprenticing with a shaman in Peru.


If you can accept the Gaia concept, that the earth is an alive, living being, it’s easy to tap into the intelligence of Nature. It’s a matter of quieting your mind, being observant, and knowing how to ask questions.


When talking to plants, being perceptive is the key to getting results. You can gather information by noticing:


If the plant has flowers, what colors are they? What chakra or energy center do they relate to?


Do the leaves have a particular shape? Do they look like a heart, kidney or lungs?


 What kind of environment do they grow in? Are they living on distressed land where a delicate plant couldn’t survive?


Do they seem friendly or look poisonous or threatening?


Befriending the plant kingdom can open a whole new world. Our reiki class includes learning about medicinal herbs that are growing in your back yard. For information


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