Live Long and Prosper

Tai Chi is a system of circular, flowing movements based on martial arts. It used by people of all ages as a graceful, meditative exercise. 

Regular practice of this ancient art promotes health, strength, confidence, longevity, and peace of mind. It has been noted that T’ai Chi practitioners live 30% longer than non-practitioner.


Tai Chi has been shown to increase balance control that results in a reduction of falls, especially among the elderly.  Studies show it is effective for arthritis and pain, osteoporosis, strength and flexibility.


Research has also found Tai Chi to be equivalent to moderate aerobic exercise, but it is much easier on the body. The health benefits of practicing tai chi are many.  Tai Chi can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and can also improve cardiovascular functioning and the capacity of the immune system.

Master Jingshan Tang is President and founder of the Oriental Fitness Institute, LLC located in Philadelphia. In addition to offering a broad range of classes and programs at the Fitness Institute, Master Tang is active throughout the Philadelphia/New Jersey region, delivering specialized workshops and demonstrations. Master Tang is a phenomenal teacher known for his sense of humor, patience with children, and in providing the expertise for adults who are serious in expanding their skills.

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