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Be Open to Adventure

Monday, September 13th, 2010


The universe is in constant motion. But, even though we know that nothing stays the same forever, it doesn’t make it easier to accept change. And now, it seems that the world is changing at a faster pace, increasing our levels of stress.


Sometimes we choose to make changes, other times outside circumstances force us to release the old and familiar and step into the unknown. When our comfort zone is challenged, it can be upsetting. When our security is threatened, it can also be scary.


However, if we learn to embrace the unknown, we can transform fear into excitement. New experiences are opportunities for expansion and growth. Surrendering to the process and trusting in Divine timing can be empowering. Here are a few tips to make changes with more ease.


Take the Bach flower essence Walnut to help break links with the past to move forward more easily. Take Olive if you feel exhausted and that you’re running on empty. Take White Chestnut to relieve worry and troublesome thoughts.


Practice the yoga pose balasana (child’s pose) and it will help you rest. It is an aid to relieving stress, anxiety, and tension. (Do not do if you have diarrhea or knee problems)


Make the essential oil lavender your ally. Place a couple of drops in your bathwater along with a cup of sea salt or Epson salt and soak for ten minutes. Lavender has a calming scent that helps relieve nervous exhaustion and restlessness.


Give yourself permission to grieve over what’s being lost. It’s natural to feel sad when saying good-by to a friend, object, neighborhood, an ex-spouse or lover, or co-workers. Allow the feelings to come up and out.

Meditate on the tarot card The Fool to help empower you to live in the moment. The esoteric meaning that will be transmitted to your subconscious is “All the power that ever was or will be is available to you in this moment. You have the power to create your life. You have a say in how you will be in spite of circumstances. Anything is possible. Miracles are happening. You deserve a miracle.”


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