Open Your Third Eye

Dr George Brainard will be presenting a workshop on Light and Consciousness at the annual Yoga Research Society Conference on November 13th at 2PM at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.
Dr. George (Bud) Brainard joined the Jefferson faculty in 1984.  His academic work is specialized in the area of pineal gland physiology and the effects of light on humans.  His research has been supported by grants from the FDA, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy and many others.

Dr. Brainard is currently funded by the National Space Biomedical Institute, which is supported by NASA, to develop lighting for the International Space Station, as well as for future vehicles and habitats for long duration space missions.

Respected in the Jefferson community as an extraordinarily gifted teacher, Dr. Brainard has taught neuroanatomy and neurophysiology to more than 5,000 medical and graduate students.

You will not want to miss Bud’s program on Saturday, November 13th, when he will explore the relationship of light to the brain, behavior, and consciousness.

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