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Monday, August 4th, 2014

I tried the latest energy enhancer, orgonite, in our last reiki class. Makers of organite mix resin or wax with metal shavings and a quartz crystal. Then they are molded into jewelry, or a variety of shapes.

It is believed that having organite in your environment can enhance your well-being, increase harmony in relationships, promote mental focus and clarity and inhance your spiritual growth. Placing them in your home can help deflect electro-magnetic and ELF radiation frm cell phones.

Wearing it can protect you from psychic attack and deflect toxins from the environment. We used orgonite to enhance our group reiki sessions. We placed a pyramid of it on the chakras of the person being treated. And we placed a cute little mound that glowed pink on the person’s third eye. The group healing sessions lasted 15 minutes.

After my session, I felt very tired and I went to sleep early. But when I awoke the next day I felt an amazing sense of well-being and a renewed optimism.

The ones I used were made by artisan, Bright Star. You can view her work at 1