Coincidence or Divine Guidance?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you often think that coincidences are events that happen randomly to you?

What if they happened FOR you to increase your awareness of Infinite Possibilities? In this seminar you have the opportunity to view Street Mail, these accidental events, in a new way. This is the perfect approach for a busy person to find Guidance right in the midst of life itself.

Come and find appreciation of Street Mail, the hidden messages that exist in everyday life.  See the magic. Enjoy the process. Get messages from Spirit through things in everyday life you would normally take for granted. Get ready to see what could be the extraordinary masquerading as an everyday encounter. Watch these occurrences seem to grow, both in number and in their perceived value to you.   Draw on the energies brought into play as you make use of coincidences around you.

This workshop gives you some tools for recognizing Street Mail, a Guided Meditation to put you into a state of relaxation and acceptance of the significance of everyday messages, and a chance to participate with a question for The Guides channeled by Sheila Reynolds.


When: Thursday Dec 11th from  7PM -9PM

Where: Djunaverse Center for Healing Arts, 511 Fairmount Ave Philadelphia, PA 19123. Bottom Bell

Fee: $45

Sign up: 215-627-6710 or contact Djuna at

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