Exploring Karmic Healing

Exploring your past lives participants1can help you know and understand yourself in a deeper way. Sometimes it can explain why you have a certain interest or disposition. This work can help you connect to your authentic self so that you actualize your true potential.

Sometimes it can be strange because you can connect to a past life in which you were the opposite sex. Because sometimes we choose to incarnate in male bodies, and other times we choose to be female. I always encourage participants to enter the past-life journey with an open mind.

In our last group session the focus was on recalling a past life in which you developed a strength, talent, or special skill that can help you in the present.




One person experienced herself as a big burly man with a beard who was a master swordsman. She shared that she thought it was interesting that she had a collection of swords in her present life and she has training in the martial arts. The strength she needed from her past-life that could help her in her present was confidence.

Another person experienced herself as a gentle man, who remained calm and collected when dealing with volatile emotional circumstances – a trait she could apply to her current relationship.



And another experienced herself as a healer in a few lives. She felt that her Higher Self was encouraging her to polish her present-day skills as a holistic practitioner and to continue to help people.

Sometimes a past-life regression can be a powerful emotional experience that can release a block that has been holding you back.

One participant cried and sobbed during the regression. The session was very cathartic and helped her let go of pent of grief she’d been carrying from her childhood in her present life. The next day she reported feeling energized and lighter.

Everyone always experiences a profound state of peace and relaxation during the process.

You can explore on your own by doing the exercises and meditations in my book Karmic Healing: Clearing Past-Life Blocks to Present-Day Love, Health and Happiness. It is available in hardback or kindle on Amazon, https://amzn.to/19zrgNB or through your favorite online bookseller.


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