Breathe Into Bliss

WOJTONSOKOLOW-promoWednesday, September 1, 2021 from 1 – 2PM EDT

This week’s program will let you know how conscious breathing can bring you greater joy and aliveness, and a life you love.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a therapeutic process that uses conscious connected breathing techniques to help you release emotional blocks that keep you from living a life you love. This holistic process, which works on the emotional, mental, and physical levels, also uses positive affirmation techniques to help you uncover your unhealthy attitudes and beliefs that impede your growth and transform your thinking in order to experience inner peace, deeper love, more abundance, and greater fulfillment.

Developed in the early 70’s this process has been practiced by thousands of people throughout the world. It’s a powerful, safe, and gentle way to allow your unconscious, automatic patterns to surface into your conscious awareness in order to clear them and upgrade your view of yourself and the world, and be more present in the moment.

Rebirthing Breathwork is a profound tool that resonates at such a deep level that blame becomes obsolete, forgiveness becomes natural, and taking responsibility for one’s life becomes the option.

Tony Lo Mastro and Maureen Malone-Lo Mastro are the co-managers of the Philadelphia and New York Rebirthing Centers and are the co-leaders of the nine-month Rebirthing Breathwork Training Program and the Loving Relationships Training (LRT) weekend. They also offer private and group rebirthing breathwork sessions in person and online, and can be reached at or 215-424-4444Tony Lomastro

MaureenWith over forty years of experience as a teacher and healer, Tony’s approach combines a humorous and grounded philosophy of non-drama, integrity, safety in breathwork, and unconditional love in relationships.





Maureen’s four decades of experience helps her clients and students to have more aliveness, change old patterns, heal toxic relationships, and participate in a loving community.



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