The Healing Power of Crystals

WOJTONSOKOLOW-portal-varietyThis week’s program on will let you know how the Crystal Dreaming process can release past life trauma, clear your karma, and fulfill your divine purpose

Our guest today is Raym Richards, Creator of Crystal Dreaming and author of Spirit World: A Diary of an Urban Shaman, and Alchemy of Crystals:  How to facilitate altered states, connection with Source, profound self healing and journey into bliss.

During a crystal dreaming session, over forty beautiful crystals that have been specially chosen are placed around your head and body in a specific mandala pattern, which allows you to quickly experience a state of deep relaxation, bliss, and expanded awareness.

You easily access your body’s cellular memory that unlocks and releases fear, pain, or unresolved trauma you’ve been carrying from the past in your current life, as well as from your past lives.

You also embark on a healing journey through the spiritual dimensions that enables you to meet your spirit guides and receive their guidance. It is also possible to connect with loved ones who are deceased, break karmic contracts, and unlock past life abilities, talents, and gifts.

You gain clarity on your current challenges and how to fulfill your purpose. If you’ve been stuck, you release the block that has been holding you back, feel peaceful, and be empowered to take action to move forward.

Raym Headshot

With over twenty-five years experience as a shamanic healer with guidance from his own spiritual team, Raym has developed Crystal Dreaming. The process is proven, practical and easy to apply. The results are immediate and frequently life transforming. Crystal Dreaming enables you to access your Super-conscious mind and experience your own Divine Presence and absolute bliss. Raym also offers personal sessions in Australia.

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