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August 25 – Alan Steinfeld host of NYC Cable TV show New Realities and author of Making Contact: Preparing for the New Realities of Extraterrestrial Existence. https://www.youtube.com/c/newrealities/about

September 1 – Tony Lomastro & Maureen Malone co-directors of the Philadelphia Rebirthing Center – talking about the healing power of Breathwork. http://www.philadelphiarebirthing.com

September 8 – Joseph Mitchell – author of The Art of Joyful Achieving: Tapping into a Life You Love. www.activateyourgreatness.com Talking about releasing blocks through EFT technique and high performance strategies to acieve success.

September 15 Peter Selby, Clairvoyant Angelic Healer and Anne Selby, intuitive counselor talk about angels and spiritual healing https://youangelyou.com/about-us/

September 22 Musician laughter meditation practitioner and celestial soundscape recording artist, Laraaji

September 29 – Gene Ang Ph.D. spiritual and shamanic healer and teacher http://www.geneang.com/www.geneang.com/Presence_Healing.html

October 6 Brigitta Herrmann, Co-director of Group Motion, Multi-Media Dance Company and co-author of Group Motion in Practice: Collective Creation through Dance Movement Improvisation. https://www.groupmotion.org/ She’ll talk about the healing power of dance.

October 13 Dr Pratap, yoga teacher, and author of Beginning YogaYoga VisionSecrets of Hatha Vidya, and Stories Retold. He is the director of the Yoga Research Society, which gives a scientific approach to the understanding of Yoga. And the president of the Sky Foundation that offers classes and workshops from this non- religous, but scientific tradition. https://www.yogaresearchsociety.com/

October 20 Raym Richards, Creator of Crystal Dreaming and author of Spirit World: A Diary of an Urban Shaman and Alchemy of Crystals:  How to facilitate altered states, connection with Source, profound self healing and journey into bliss. Talks about the healing power of crystals. https://www.crystal-dreaming.com/

October 27 Claudia Post, award-winning business entrepreneur and CEO of Green Bar Supply Company, the industry at the forefront of all things cannabis related. https://greenbarsupplyco.com/ She’ll talk about the benefits of CBD products.

November 3 Atala Toy, nature spirit photographer, inter-dimensional communicator, and author of We Are Not Alone: A Complete Guide to Interdimensional Cooperation and Nature Spirits: How To Talk With And Photograph Beings Of Other Realms. https://www.atalatoy.com/image001



For additional information about Voices for the New Age please contact Djuna Wojton djunawojton@me.com. If you’d like to sponsor the program, please contact Jesse Jamison, executive producer at 480-553-5719.





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